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Upcoming show: Arts North Studio Tour October 12th & 13th

Back in 2017 I was pregnant and attended the Arts North Studio Tour - a tour of artist studios in my neighborhood. I was so inspired and told myself that I'd join as a guest artist the next year. I planned to take a few more classes and start making my original works all within the year. Well, as a first time mom I was clueless what the commitment of having a baby and a full time job would entail. So once I gave birth, all that planning went out the window.

Then my daughter turned one. I was done breastfeeding. Bottles and their time-consuming sanitizing regimen were over. We had done sleep training early on, which meant once my dear was down, she was out for the night. I finally had some me-time on my hands again, which eventually gave way to more painting.

So, here I am two years later and preparing to be a guest artist in the Arts North Studio Tour. I will be displaying my acrylic paintings at Tribal Zone Studio (address below) with two other artists, Suz O'Dell and Bill Freeborn. All of my work will be for sale and some pieces will be discounted.

Pay us and the other studios a visit on October 12th and 13th, support local artists, and take home some handmade art.

Tribal Zone Studio location: 12807 23rd Ave NE Seattle 98125

Full tour information and map:

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