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About Allison

Allison Romain-Dika is an acrylic painter currently focusing her work on landscape and still life. Her work has been featured at the

  • 2020 Small Works Juried Art Show - Gallery North Edmonds

  • 2020 Shoreline Arts Festival Juried Art Show

  • 2019 Shoreline Arts Festival Juried Art Show  


Her interest in art began as a child as she filled her sketchbooks with drawings. She began her painting career in adulthood, finding it easier to let go of perfectionism with paint than with a pencil. She finds inspiration in French Impressionism; specifically the works of Edgar Degas, Gustave Caillebotte, and Paul Cezanne. She credits her training to the Will Kemp Art School, which laid the foundation and gave her the confidence to begin creating and sharing her own original works.

Allison is also the author of On Love and Frugality, a comedic book of essays in which she shares humorous and at times cringe-worthy stories of life with her excessively frugal husband. She is currently writing her first novel and working on a picture book. 

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